A Jekyll plugin that adds a Liquid filter to enable automatic upload of static assets to Rackspace CloudFiles while rewriting the URL to point to the resulting CDN URL.
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Rackspace CloudFiles Jekyll Plugin

This Jekyll plugin adds the Liquid tag "cloud_files". Use it to automatically upload static files (JS, CSS and images) to a Rackspace CloudFiles container, rewriting the URLs as it goes.


  • Requires the cloudfiles gem: sudo gem install cloudfiles


Create a directory called _plugins in your Jekyll project if you don't already have one, and put .rb file in there.


Example: <link rel="stylesheet" href="{% cloud_files /i/style.css %}" type="text/css" />

All URLs specified must be absolute paths (i.e. start with a / where / refers to the Jekyll source dir). This ensures that when the plugin is disabled the site generated will still work but with local URLs.

The names of the uploaded files are the SHA1 hash of the file contents. This means files are only uploaded (and therefore downloaded) once, minimising space and bandwidth usage. It also means that there are no caching issues when you upload changed files.

The following options can be set in _config.yml...

  # REQUIRED Enabled must be set to true, otherwise the plugin does nothing
  enabled: true
  # REQUIRED (see note below) Your Rackspace CloudFiles username and API key
  username: your_username
  api_key: your_api_key
  # The datacentre your account is in. Defaults to 'us'.
  datacentre: uk
  # The destination container name- it will be created if it does not exist
  container: static.domain.com
  # Optional CNAME - gets used in place of the container's CDN URL
  cname: http://static.domain.com/
  # Optional prefix for uploaded files
  upload_prefix: www/
  # Force all files to be uploaded even if they already exist - this should
  # never be necessary, but I needed it during development so I've left it
  # in :)
  force_upload: false

NOTE: The username and api_key options can be placed in ~/.rackspacecloudfiles so that you can still publish your Jekyll source but keep your credentials private.


  • CSS and JS files are not currently processed - I'm still trying to work out the best way to enable this.

  • The plugin does not currently clean up unused files in the container, mainly because I couldn't find a way to run something when Jekyll has finished generating the site. The code is there to do it (the function is RSF.instance.delete_unused_objects()) but it's untested.

If you have any suggestions on these or anything else, please let me know.

This plugin lives on GitHub: https://github.com/3ft9/jekyll-rackspacecloudfiles