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PHP library for accessing the Digital Public Library of America API

This is a simple library for accessing the DPLA search API.

Basic usage

To get started you simply need to require the main DPLA class and create an instance of it, passing in your API key.

require '/path/to/tfn/dpla.php';
$dpla = new \TFN\DPLA('your api key');

Using this object you can then create a search query. The query object supports chaining if you wish to use it. This example runs a simple search for anything mentioning pizza and gets the first page of ten results.

$res = $dpla->createSearchQuery()->forText('pizza')->withPaging(1, 10)->execute();

As well as generic text you can also search within specific fields. This example will match anything with "pizza" in the title.

$res = $dpla->createSearchQuery()->withTitle('pizza')->withPaging(1, 10)->execute();

See searchquery.php for full details of what's supported.

The execute() method will return a results object which has a number of convenient methods for accessing parts of the search results.

// Get the total number of documents that matched the search query.
$total_count = $res->getTotalCount();

// Get the page details that this results object represents.
$page = $res->getPageNumber();
$per_page = $res->getPerPage();

// Get an array of the documents in this results object.
$docs = $res->getDocuments();

It also provides convenience methods for getting the next and previous pages of results.

$prev_page_res = $res->getPrevPage();
$next_page_res = $res->getNextPage();

You can also get the query objects for the current, previous and next pages.

$current_query = $res->getSearchQuery();
$prev_page_query = $res->getPrevPageSearchQuery();
$next_page_query = $res->getNextPageSearchQuery();


This code is being put into the public domain so please use it in whatever way you need. Attribution is encouraged and welcomed but not required.


We welcome contributions in the form of pull requests.

Who are we?

This code was developed and is maintained by Stuart Dallas at 3ft9 Ltd.

The original version was heavily based on William Karavites' Java wrapper.