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This is a implementation of LTI 1.3 Advantage on Wordpress
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This is a implementation of LTI 1.3 Advantage on Wordpress

This code was developed during the IMS Europe Summit 2018 thanks to James Rissler and Martin Lenord. We are using the PHP Library

Tested with Wordpress 4.9.X and 5.0.2


  • SSO
  • Enabled membership role
  • Grades Management

Single or Multisite Wordpress

You can use this plugin in a single Wordpress but the interesting use case is a Wordpress Multisite because each course will have a site.

Enabling Network

to use a multisite you can follow the instructions

Then deploy the code in folder wp-content/mu-plugins (create folder if not exist) then this plugin is enabled in all Wordpress sites.

The structure will be: wp-content/mu-plugins/ims-lti-advantage.php

Configure a keys

As superadmin you can go to Options -> LTI Clients then you can manage the client details

The parameters are:

  • Client id: the id of the client who requested the token (Audience)
  • Key set url: The url where the public key is set (well-known/jwks URL)
  • Auth token url: The url to consume the Membershipt and Outcomes service
  • Custom username parameter: a custom parameter to create a custom username instead use the issuer + ""+ client_id + "" + "deployment_id" + "user_id"
  • Has custom username: boolean to enable custom username
  • Enable: Check if tool is enabled or not
  • Enable grade: As default all clients allows grades
  • Student role: the student can be map as subscriber or author on Wordpress (Read about it on
  • You can generate the public and private key, the public key can be set on platform to get membership users

To create a Platform private and public key you can use ssh-keygen, search on internet how to do that, you will need the private and public key.

Next steps

  • Certificate it!
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