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Supporting data and code to "Empirical bayes shrinkage estimation of crime rate statistics"

This repo holds code and data to reproduce all analyses and figures in our article. The scr/ directory holds the pertinent code. Please see the different README files in the different sub-directories for details. The data should be fetched and loaded for each analysis in src/. However, some times SSB changes things (such as column names). In case that happens we have provided a backup data set in the proper format in src/data/. The reports/ directory holds some different analyses that aren't used directly in the article. We don't guarantee that these still run by themselves.

How to use this resource

We created this project with ProjectTemplate. ProjectTemplate is an R package that helps you organize your statistical analysis projects. To load this project, you'll first need to setwd() into the directory where this README file is located. Then you need to run the following two lines of R code:

install.packages('ProjectTemplate')     # if you do not already have the package

After you enter the second line of code, you'll see a series of automated messages as ProjectTemplate goes about doing its work. This work involves:

  • Reading in the global configuration file contained in config.
  • Loading any R packages you listed in the configuration file.
  • Reading in any datasets stored in data or cache.
  • Preprocessing these data using the files in the munge directory.

If you simply want to reproduce our work without looking into details, it should be enough to setwd() to this directory and rund the scripts in src/.

For more details about ProjectTemplate, see


Shrinkage estimation of crime rate stats



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