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Having fun with d3.js and the BigCommerce API

Why not?

Given a list of orders and their respective status do something schnazy and visually appealing, verging on the practically unusable but cool anyway.

Organic evolution

I started with the UX because I wanted to play with d3.js and knew next to nothing about SVG. I imagined a constellation of dots (each being an order) one could hover on to change the status presented with text. It became a color coded click and play thingy that I find really fun.

Initially I was going to do everything in Javascript but the BigCommerce API doesn't appear to be cross domain request friendly hence I put together a CherryPy based "proxy" that runs locally and can be pushed on dotCloud in seconds.

I also made good use of Kenneith Reiz's Requests, it is awesome!

End result

A single page "application" which asynchronously loads at startup the list of statuses from BigCommerce and the order book. Displays the orders elegantly as color coded dots (based on status).

When one clicks on a dot, an "aura" is displayed on top of the order, on which the possible statuses fan out (the current status lays horizontally to the right of the order). Clicking on a status, spins the fanned statuses and sends a request to BigCommerce to update the relevant order.

For the next 2 weeks (as of 2012-04-29) it will work on dotCloud at the url After that BigCommerce will shut the trial store hence no order(s) will be seen.



Utterly useless in practice but lots of fun to come up with and code! d3.js could be an awesome way to develop interactive visualisation for tablet (web) apps.