Full documentation for Lizmap Web Client and Lizmap Plugin
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Lizmap - Documentation

This repository contains the complete documentation of the Lizmap application.

Lizmap allows to publish online QGIS maps.

The documentation is localized into several language. The main language is the english.

Contributing to the english documentation

Clone the repository and edit files into sources/.

The format is the ReStructured Text format.

See below to build the documentation into HTML to see the result.

Contributing by translating the doc into other languages

We are using Transifex to translate the documentation. So if you want to contribute to the translation, create an account on the Transifex web site, and translate different strings.

We retrieve regurlarly translation and store them into the i18n/ directory.

We don't recommend to contribute on translations by doing Pull Request on github, as it may be difficult to merge content coming from Transifex and your changes.

Building the documentation

We are using the tool Sphinx and its internationalization mechanism sphinx-intl to generate the HTML content in all languages.

So install these tools. On Linux / MacOs, install Python, Pip and then:

sudo pip install -U sphinx
sudo pip install -U sphinx-intl

Then run make gettext && make html. It will build the docs in all available languages.

For core contributor

See DEV.md to see instructions to push and pull translated files to/from Transifex.