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Documentation for core contributors

Installing Transifex cli and Sphinx

We are using Transifex, and so you will need their cli tool to push or pull translations.

It is recommended to install Virtualenv and to install Sphinx and Transifex into a dedicated Python environnement. For exemple:

virtualenv env/
env/bin/pip install sphinx
env/bin/pip install sphinx-intl
env/bin/pip install transifex-client

You should create a ~/.transifexrc file containing:

api_hostname =
hostname =
username = api
password = 

In the password parameter, you should set an API Key you have to generate from your Transifex account.

Updating the list of strings to translate

You must first generate the .pot files, from the .rst files:

make gettext

Then you push them to Transifex, by indicating the branch (indicate the good branch name !!)

tx push -s --branch master
tx push -s --branch lizmap_3_1

Note: our continuous integration system Gitlab-CI generates and pushes pot files to Transifex at each commit.

Updating translated strings

It is not recommended to modify by hand files into i18n/! We prefer to translate strings into Transifex.

To retrieve translated string:

tx pull -l es,fi,fr,it,pt,ru --branch master
tx pull -l es,fi,fr,it,pt,ru --branch lizmap_3_1

You can then commit them.

Note: our continuous integration system regularly retrieves translated strings to publish the web site. It doesn't rely on .po files stored into the repository.

Adding a new language

The language should be created into Transifex. When there are enough translated strings, you can download translated files with tx pull. See above. Update the list of available language into the Makefile file (in the TRANSLATIONS variable).

Releasing a new version

When a new major version of lizmap has been released, be sure the documentation is updated into the master branch.

When the documentation is ready,

  • set the version number into source/
  • update the file source/lizmap_versions.json
  • create a new branch lizmap_X_Y (replace X and Y).
  • configure a new schedule in the CI configuration for this new branch
  • on the master branch, set the next version into source/ and source/lizmap_versions.json
  • push the new branch and the master branch
  • in the server configuration, change the target of the symbolic link 'current'
  • copy the source/lizmap_versions.json into all other branches, it should be the same for all.