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Documentation for core contributors

Installing Transifex cli

We are using Transifex, and so you will need their cli tool to push or pull translations.

if you already contributed to the lizmap documentation, you have already installed tools, so you can jump directly to the next section.

It is recommended to install Virtualenv and to install Transifex into a dedicated Python environnement. For example:

virtualenv env/
env/bin/pip install transifex-client

You should create a ~/.transifexrc file containing:

api_hostname =
hostname =
username = api
password = 

In the password parameter, you should set an API Key you have to generate from your Transifex account.

Managing locales of Lizmap Web Client

See web-client/

Managing locales of Lizmap plugin

See plugin/

Adding a new language

The language should be created into Transifex. When there are enough translated strings, you can download translated files with the script. See in plugin or web-client.

A new language code for web-client should be added into web-client/

Releasing a new version

When a new major version of lizmap has been released, be sure the locales are updated into the master branch.

  • create a new branch lizmap_X_Y (replace X and Y).
  • push the new branch and the master branch