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It is not recommended to modify by hand, po and pot files into web-client/!

We prefer to translate strings with Transifex, and then import translations into Lizmap.

pot files must be generated directly from Lizmap properties files.

Be sure you have installed Transifex cli, but also PHP-cli and its mbstring extension (apt-get install php7.2-mbstring).

Updating the list of strings to translate (pot files)

You must generate the .pot files, from the .properties files.

You need to install lizmap. The branch of lizmap should match the current branch of lizmap-locales. Then you have to execute this command from the web_client directory, by giving the path to the lizmap/ directory:

cd web-client/
./ /path/to/lizmap/

Then you push them to Transifex, by indicating the branch (indicate the good branch name !!)

./ master
./ lizmap_3_2

Updating translated strings

When some new translations are available in Transifex, you can import them into Lizmap.

First retrieve translated string from Transifex, it updates po files:

./ master
./ lizmap_3_2

Then you update .properties files from po files with:

./ /path/to/lizmap/

You can then commit them.