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Upgrading to Lizmap 3.0

First, be sure that your lizmap installation has been upgraded to the latest version of 2.x.

Then you can upgrade to Lizmap 3.0.

Data backup

Backup your data into a directory (ex: /tmp).

Lizmap 2.12.2 and higher has a lizmap/install/ script. Call

lizmap/install/ /tmp

If you don't have this script, backup by hand: copy these files somewhere, /tmp for instance:

  • var/db/jauth.db
  • var/db/logs.db
  • var/config/lizmapConfig.ini.php
  • var/config/installer.ini.php
  • var/config/profiles.ini.php

Replace lizmap files

Get the lizmap archive (by downloading an archive or by doing a git clone/pull)

You should

  • replace the lib/ directory by the new lib/ directory
  • replace the lizmap/ directory by new lizmap/

Restore data and clean installation

Restore rights and owner on some directories. Here is an example where "myuser" is the user owning the application file, and "www-data", the group of the web server.

sudo lizmap/install/ laurent www-data
sudo lizmap/install/

Then you can restore the backup, by giving the path where the backuped file where previously saved:

lizmap/install/ /tmp

Note: Lizmap 3.0 requires that *.db files should be stored in var/db/, not in var/ as in 2.x

Last step: launch the upgrade script

php lizmap/install/upgrade-to-3.php