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Lizmap-Web-Client - Release version 3.1.0

@rldhont rldhont released this
· 3493 commits to master since this release
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  • JS - Add ability to add a bottom dock with lizMap.addDock
  • Print - Add an option to choose format: PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG
  • Cache - PNG tiles: use maximum compression
  • Cache - JPEG tiles: use 90 instead of 80 compression
  • Map - New tool to change layer opacity && add tools in layer info panel
  • Fast searching among project data via quickfinder
  • Option to restrict access per project for given groups
  • Popup - Use option to display children only for defined layers
  • Add OpenStreetMap Stamen Toner background layer
  • Display child table in the Edition form
  • Create child from the Edition form
  • Delete child from the Edition form
  • Update child from the Edition form
  • Selection tool
  • Mutually disable layers
  • Add information panel for baselayer to allow changing opacity
  • Edition - Restrict edition per layer via new acl property
  • Admin - New menu to configure interface main colors & logo
  • Add bbox option to wmts seeding command line
  • Attribute table - Option to restrict data to map extent & layer visibility


  • Attribute table - More compact table rendering
  • Fix some notice and warnings
  • lizmapProject: improve robustness about project files loading