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Lizmap WPS Web Client

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Lizmap WPS Web Client is a Lizmap module to add a WPS panel into Lizmap Web Client.

This is an example showing the QGIS Processing Buffer algorithm, exposed as a WPS algorithm within Lizmap Web Client:


Demo gif

It's also providing another panel showing you the results which have been executed on the Lizmap instance.


Since version 0.1.1, it is recommended to install the module with Composer, the package manager for PHP. If you can't use it or if you are using Lizmap 3.3 or lower, use the manual way to install the module (jump to the corresponding section below)

Automatic installation with Composer and lizmap 3.4 or higher

  • into lizmap/my-packages, create the file composer.json (if it doesn't exist) by copying the file composer.json.dist, and install the module with Composer:
cp -n lizmap/my-packages/composer.json.dist lizmap/my-packages/composer.json
composer require --working-dir=lizmap/my-packages "lizmap/lizmap-wps-web-client"
  • If you are using Lizmap 3.6 or higher, execute
php lizmap/install/configurator.php wps
  • Then for any version, execute Lizmap install scripts into lizmap/install/ :
php lizmap/install/installer.php

Go to the "Configuration" section.

Manual installation into lizmap 3.3 or 3.4 without Composer

  • Download the zip archive from the release page into GitHub.
  • Extract files from the archive and copy the directory wps into lizmap/lizmap-modules/ of Lizmap.
  • Edit the file lizmap/var/config/localconfig.ini.php to add this into the [modules] section
  • Then execute Lizmap install scripts into lizmap/install/ :
php lizmap/install/installer.php


Add a section [wps] in your localconfig.ini.php and add the variables:



The WPS configuration:

  • wps_root_url is the URL of the WPS service
  • wps_rootDirectories is the path of the directories defined for the WPS Service MAP

The redis configuration for saving process status: uuid, INPUTS, OUTPUTS.

  • redis_host the redis host to use
  • redis_port the redis port to use
  • redis_db the redis database to use
  • redis_key_prefix the redis key prefix to use

The OWS proxy configuration:

  • ows_url is the URL of the OWS service used by the WPS service

The availability of WPS algorithms in the Lizmap Web Client web maps

  • restrict_to_config_projects the module is not enabled for projects without a json config for processes.
  • restrict_to_authenticated_users the module is not enabled if the user is not authenticated.
  • enable_job_realm enable job access control by associating a realm token to each job. Job realm will be built at user level.
  • admin_job_realm administrator realm token. It allows bearer to bypass any other token.