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A script to create a directivity sonogram based on measurements dumped out of [REW] ( (and until such time as is implemented).

What is a polar map?

See [this article] ( for a summary. The approach, I believe, originates from Geddes and has been subsequently implemented in [ARTA] ( This implementation uses the same colour scheme (the matlab jet colourmap) for consistency.

What do I need to get started?

  • a set of measurements containing appropriately measured data of a loudspeaker taken at various angles
  • either
    • a linux box
    • a windows box with cygwin - install from here
  • gnuplot
  • awk

How do I generate a sonogram?

NB: these instructions assume you are using REW, other software probably works as they all seem to stick to the same space delimited [FRD] ( format.

Prepare the Input Data

  • take measurements in your usual fashion at various degrees off axis
  • create a directory to store the exported data
  • export each measurement to a text file in space delimited FRD format named <degrees>.dat (select measurement, file/export/measurement as text, enter file name)

NB: see the [sample] dir in this repo for an example of the exported data

Generate the Plot

NB: assumes from this repo is on your path and is executable

  • open a shell in the directory containing the data

  • look for some png files in the output dir

if you want to know what the cmd line options are then just run -v -d -l 100 -h 22000 -m -x 1920 -y 1080 -p foo -z 30
    -d force delete of existing generated files
-l sets the lo frequency for the data generated, if unset default to the minimum value in the input data (NB: actually 200 for now)
    -h sets the hi frequency for the data generated, if unset default to the maximum value in the input data (NB: actually 24000 for now)
    -m mirror mode
    -x width of image in pixels, default 1920
    -y height of image in pixels, default 1080
    -p file name prefix
    -z z axis range, defaults to 30dB

The generated plot will always have a black line indicating the -6dB contour.

How do I change the reference SPL?

The reference SPL is set using the -r option, if the supplied value is greater than the detected max spl then this is used instead. The reference spl is the point from which the -6dB contour is calculated.

My FRDs use a different file extension, how do I override it?

Use the -e option



  • label the contours as -3, -6, -9 etc
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