Docker for building Armbian
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This repository aim to provide container for building Armbian.


  • x86_64 Debian sid as host and container system
  • there should be minimal number of packets installed by Armbian
  • setup should simplify contribution (ie. using forked repo)


git clone
cd armbian-docker
docker build -t 3mdeb/armbian .
cd ..
docker run -v ${PWD}/lib:/root/lib -t -i 3mdeb/armbian

Shorter way:

git clone
cd armbian-docker ./

NOTE: you need access to .., also if REPO not provided will be used

Development setup

Prepare repository

Clone your Armbian fork:

git clone

Add Igor's repository as upstream:

cd lib
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream

Pull recent changes if needed.

Run container

docker run -v ${PWD}/lib:/root/lib -t -i 3mdeb/armbian

Edit and commit your code on host side.