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Containerized Bareflank build environment
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Docker container for Bareflank builds

Build Status


Next, instructions from Bareflank README or YoutTube video need to be followed in the container:

  1. Start Docker container

Make and enter a working directory before running following command:

docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/home/bareflank/bareflank -w /home/bareflank/bareflank \
3mdeb/bareflank-docker /bin/bash

You can also bind mount another directories or files. A common option for developers is to mount .ssh directory for easier repository operations: -v /home/<host_username>/.ssh:/home/bareflank/.ssh

  1. Clone both hypervisor and extended_apis

Procedure was tested with version ba613e2c687f of Bareflank, other versions may or may not work, there may be some differences in code from different revisions.

git clone
cd hypervisor
git checkout ba613e2c687f
  1. Prepare config file for CMake
cd ..
cp hypervisor/scripts/cmake/config/example_config.cmake config.cmake
vi config.cmake

Change set(ENABLE_BUILD_EFI OFF) to ON. Uncomment and change names in the Override VMM section - change this:

# set(OVERRIDE_VMM <name>)

to this:

set(OVERRIDE_VMM integration_intel_x64_efi_test_efi)
set(OVERRIDE_VMM_TARGET integration)

These names were taken from extended_apis/bfvmm/integration/arch/intel_x64/efi/CMakeLists.txt

  1. Prepare build directory and build
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../hypervisor
make -j<# cores + 1>

Resulting file is located in build/efi/x86_64-efi-pe/build.

Building Docker image

Image can be build from directory containing Dockerfile with:

docker build -t 3mdeb/bareflank-docker .

This is one time operation. It is required only to build image for the first time or when any changes to the image were made. Image contains all necessary tools to build Bareflank for UEFI.

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