Simple isc-dhcp-server running in docker container
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Simple isc-dhcp-server running in docker container


Clone the repo:

git clone

Customize DHCP configuration in data/dhcpd.conf to Your needs.



The script above builds and runs a docker container with DHCP server. By default thes server is listening on eno1 interface. It can be changed by editing script:

"bash / eno1;/bin/bash"

Running the script with no interface specified will cause DHCP listening on all possible interfaces.


The server is reading configuration from /data directory and saves a lease file in that directory to ensure persistency. takes care of running the server and checking the existence of dhcpd and interface files. dhcpd user is created with the same gid and uid as the owner of configuration and leases file, so the server can use them without changing permissions.


The DHCP server is running in the foreground printing debug messages to the screen. It can be terminated by pressing Ctrl+C combination which will redirect to container's bash. Container can be stopped then by typing exit.