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Yocto meta layer for the RTE board
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kas installed. The preferred way is to use it inside container, via the kas-docker script.

docker installation

kas-docker installation

wget -O ~/bin/kas-docker
chmod +x ~/bin/kas-docker


mkdir rte-sdk
cd rte-sdk
git clone
kas-docker build meta-rte/kas.yml


The easiest way to flash image on all system platforms is to use etcher. It is multi-platform application that is available for Linux, Windows or macOS.

  • Download and install etcher.

  • Insert the SD card to the SD card reader of your host PC.

  • Run etcher.

  • Click on Select Image and select built image. There is no need to unpack the image first.

    The SD card reader should be picked automatically. If more than one readers are present, click on Change and select the one you want to use.

  • When confirmed, click on the Flash button to start flashing procedure.

Login to the system

Login: root
Password: meta-rte


There is a possibility to use OpenVPN. The only thing you have to do is copy the config file to the openvpn folder on storage partition of SD card with the name rte.conf.

Development workflow

Individual MR

Our change log mostly depends on the merge events and the merge request names are presented as introduced changes in this file.

  • Commit changes

  • Push on branch and create pull request

  • Wait for review and merge

Meta-RTE Yocto BSP documentation

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