Compilation environment for Xen project
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Docker environment for Xen development

This repository contains Dockerfile with all dependencies and tools required for building Xen.

Building container

git clone
cd xen-docker
docker build -t 3mdeb/xen-docker .

Preparing build environment

First clone Xen source:

git clone git://

Add xen git directory as a volume to docker container and run it:

cd xen
docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/home/xen -w /home/xen 3mdeb/xen-docker /bin/bash

Note that xen source directory must be inside /home/xen in docker container as we also use .ccache as a volume in /home/xen.

Building Xen

(xen-docker)$ git checkout <version>
(xen-docker)$ ./configure --enable-githttp --enable-systemd
# You can customize the config now if needed
(xen-docker)$ make debball

Result will be placed in $(XEN_SRC)/dist. You will find there:

  • shell script which install Xen hypervisor on host machine
  • install directory containing Xen components and kernel
  • xen-upstream-<version>.deb

Xen installation

To install Xen on host mashine simply run outside docker.

Note: You need to have a Dom0 kernel for Xen on Your host

To install on a remote mashine use the xen-upstream-<version>.deb package.

Xen kernel will be placed in /boot directory in gzip format.