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org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler#ecj;3.6.2: not found #12

josejuanmontiel opened this Issue · 3 comments

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first i saw yours (and your red hat) in Greach! Great talk,

Now i'm going to try this, but... seem that ecj 3.6.2 not in repos now

i solved with: mavenRepo "" but maybe and updated version would be a better aprox.

Another question. Its this plugin compatible with grails 2.2?

i try: "grails upgrade" and said: "Project upgraded"

Maybe i'll try with todo: implement ByteArray type(for use case of images storage)


I did have yet time to test grails 2.2. I am happy that you propose to help. Welcome !
Try and tell us.
For eclipse I must have it already in my repo that's why I never saw the problem. Do not hesitate to propose a pull request for an updated version.
ByteArray is a good part but tricky so I am quite interested in your proposal. The best at the end is to offer also photos from camera with phonegap or supported browser aslo.


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