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0.2 upgrade using book-index.html has an error #2

pimpedoutgeek opened this Issue Aug 6, 2012 · 4 comments

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Invocation of the normal Grails index (list) is still generating an empty map: null([])

However, invoking book-index.html directly will display the list and add (+) button.

Adding a book displays an error dialog that I have saved as a screenshot.

OS: Ubuntu 12.04
Grails SDK: 2.0.3
JDK: 1.7.x

@corinnekrych corinnekrych was assigned Aug 6, 2012
3.musket33rs member

Hello David

For the moment there is no integration with normal scaffolding. I've just added it to the TO DO list. If you click on Author controller you will get the error you described.

I can't reproduce the last error. Could you please email me with your sample project so I'll have a look.

I've just put in github a test project with a step by step explanation. It's a simple example with Author and Book and a many-to-one relationship. If you don't create any author first, it will fail when creating book.

Athos for the 3musket33rs

3.musket33rs member


I just wonder what would be for a plugin the best strategy.
Modifying the URL Mapping to add our own index.html
Modifying the index.gsp to point to our new controller
At the end we should aim to have both gsp and mobile scaffolding together as with spring mobile we could build a web site which does serve normal gsp for web browsing on pc and html5 for mobile.
Also there is a strtegy for hybrid mobile wep app to put the html directly package on the phone. Then they will never reside in the web app directory but really on the phone.

Any suggestion would be welcome.

3.musket33rs member

Your github repo sample is empty or I may miss something.

Corinne alias Athos.

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