Allow non-static use of the scaffolding #3

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cdeszaq commented Aug 6, 2012

Rather than only static (ie. generated) scaffolding, allow the scaffolding to be generated at run-time, the same way the built-in Grails scaffolding works.

The thinner I can have my project and the more I can rely on run-time generated code, the less I have to maintain, meaning there is less surface area for bugs.


Hello Rick,

Actually when writing mobile application you can choose to make it an hybrid client application that can be wrapped with phone gap factory plugin (another of the 3musket33rs plugin to be released soon). The client side application is then hosted on mobile device.
That's one of our main use case. In that case it does make sense to get rich client POH5.

Not sure the dynamic scaffolding is a such a common use case for mobile app. But give me more details on how you'd like to use it.


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