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PhoneGapBuild is part of the 3muket33rs mobile suite. You can package on the cloud your app built with HTML5-mobile-scaffolding. We offer Grails plugin around mobile. You want to:

  • to scaffold CRUD for a mobile first application? Header, footer, list with responsive UI powered by jQuery mobile... You can do it in minutes with html-generate-all command. No more GSP, you will work in single page mode with HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • to geolocate your position. Easy use convention, add latitude and longitude attribute to you doamain class.
  • geolocate with mongoDB we integrate with
  • use Google Maps to add markers, move markers, we wrapped Google Map services for you
  • offline mode and synchronization
  • push notification using event-push plugin. We use GETfull API, minimizing server side calls. No need to fetch data from server. Get notified.
  • want to package in hybrid. Easy use 3musket33rs phone gap build plugin

You want to know more... Find full documentation here


Create an account on PhoneGap Build

Install it

Add a dependency to BuildConfig.groovy:

plugins {
    compile ":phonegapbuild"

Add your credential in Config.groovy phonegapbuild.username="..." phonegapbuild.password="..." phonegapbuild.phonegapversion="2.3.0"

To test it

Go to


clik on push to cloud fourndry and wait for packaging

Give it a trial and send us feedback!

3mukete33rs on twitter @3muket33rs

  • Athos is Corinne Krych (@corinnekrych)
  • Aramis is Sebastien Blanc (@sebi2706)
  • Porthos is Fabrice Matrat (@fabricematrat)
  • D'artagnain is Mathieu Bruyen (@mathbruyen)