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<title>Wasabi Garden Sushi - Eagle River</title>
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Wasabi Garden
Fine Sushi and Japanese Food in Eagle River
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Located next to theater wide variety of asian cuisine including Sushi, Japanese and Korean. Open for lunch and dinnery. <span class="red">free delivery</span> etc etc etc
<div id="phones">
<span class="phone red">907.694.2200</span>
<span class="fax">907.694.2200</span>
<dl id="hours">
<dt class="">Mon&mdash;Sat</dt>
<dd>11<span class="ampm">am</span>&mdash;10<span class="ampm">pm</span></dd>
<dt class="">Sunday</dt>
<dd>12<span class="ampm">pm</span>&mdash;9<span class="ampm">pm</span></dd>
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