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Alarm to the Unconverted

Joseph Alleine, 1671

Modernized by Elliot Cameron, 2011


A passionate invitation to sinners to turn to God {1}

Dearly Beloved, I gladly recognize that I am in debt to you. I am concerned because I want to be a good steward of God's househol, and I must give everyone his portion. But a doctor is most concerned for his patients who are in the riskiest condition. And a father's pity is especially directed toward his dying child. In the same way, unconverted souls call for earnest compassion and prompt diligence to pluck them as coals from the fire ([Jude 23][]). For this reason, I will first address people like these. {2}

But where can I possibly find my argument? How will I win them? If only I could tell! I would write to them in tears. I would weep out every argument. I would draw all the blood from my veins for ink. I would plead with them on my knees. O, how incredibly thankful I would be if only they would be persuaded and repent and turn. {3}

How long I have labored for you! How often I would have gathered you together! This is what I have prayed for and studied for all these years: that I would bring you to God. Oh how I wish I would accomplish that right now! Will you let me plead with you? {4}