Knife plugin implementing a git-annex backend in chef-vault
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Knife Annex

Knife plugin that implements git-annex hook backend for chef-vault.

This plugin uses a data bag named annex to store items encrypted by chef-vault for admin chef users (except the admin user created by default) available as git-annex files.

This allows keeping shared secret files (such as access keys - think Amazon Web Services - or passwords) out of Git repository, store them securely encrypted, and still keep convenient git-based access.


Add this line to your chef repo's Gemfile:

gem 'knife-annex'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install knife-annex


Configure the hook type for git-annex:

$ git config annex.chef-vault-hook 'knife annex'

If you use Bundler with your chef repo, you may need this form:

$ git config annex.chef-vault-hook 'bundle exec knife annex'

Then, initialise the special remote:

$ git annex initremote chef-server type=hook hooktype=chef-vault encryption=none

If you're extra paranoid, you can have double encryption by specifying encryption=shared in the special remote's options.

After that, you can use chef-server remote normally with git-annex.

When your admin user list changes, you can rekey the data by running:

$ knife annex --rotate-keys


See the file