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A cookie clicker clone based in React JS
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A cookie clicker clone based in ReactJS, as a sort-of motivation to learn ReactJS. Build with:

  • npm
  • ReactJS
  • SASS
  • Github Pages


How to use it

npm install to install all the dependencies

npm run build to generate all the assets in public/build folder

npm run watch to generate assets but also watch for file changes

Remember that you can also start a very simple HTTP server with python -m SimpleHTTPServer


  • Set up jenkins as a build pipeline to run tests
    • Add testing infrastructure
  • Styling:
    • Basic styling
  • Add Flow as design pattern for component communication
  • Configure NPM to build assets (JSX and SASS)
  • Game logic
    • Add silly messages 😅
    • Refactor power ups management

Thanks to the following posts and authors for their help

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