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creating a tic tac toe game
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This is my tic-tac-toe project for my General Assembly web-developer immersive course. It is the 2nd coding project I have undertaken.




The goal of this project is to create a working game engine with Javascript, have it be a single page application, be able to interact with the DOM using Jquery, interact with an api hosted by GA using ajax and json. Additionally, code needs to be clean as possible with good documentation to follow my thought process.

I hate to admit, but I was overwhelmed going into this project. I really had no idea where to start on the game engine. And I still find some of the game apis intimidating. I was seriously wondering if this was something I was capable of.

I started with what I was most comfortable with: the html and css to build a rudimentary framework of the game board. I used new found knowledge of bootstrap and modals here to help me get something decent on the board fairly quickly. I knew enough about jquery to start interacting with some of the elements in my html and this allowed me to start tinkering with how I would actually get the game to work.

I spent most of one day going down a wrong path with my JS. I had to scrap 95% of it and start that part over. I changed tack and started working on the login ajax. I had a great template from the lesson of one of the GA consultants, Toni, That allowed me to tackle this part with more confidence. Using console log messages, I was able to work through that part with minimal difficulty.

The PATCH and GET requests were also really tricky for me to get right. I spent a lot of time just trying variations based on what little I was able to understand from web searches and the lessons.

Features I would still like to implement:

I would like to do more styling to make the app look more professional. Still having problems aligning bootstrap the way I would like, but have left that for when I have more time.

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