Commits on May 19, 2010
  1. Added Sushi example :)

    committed May 19, 2010
Commits on May 18, 2010
  1. Fixed typo's

    committed May 18, 2010
  2. Added version number

    committed May 18, 2010
  3. Added version number

    committed May 18, 2010
Commits on May 17, 2010
  1. Fixed typo's

    committed May 17, 2010
  2. Fixed IE issues.

    committed May 17, 2010
Commits on May 16, 2010
  1. Added an working example implementation

    Added license file, same license as any other Spry file so there shouldn't be an issue here :)
    committed May 16, 2010
  2. Added a SpryRegion observer that listens to the onTimeOut observer so…

    … it can set the spry:state to timeout
    committed May 16, 2010
  3. Updated with get and set path methods

    Updated with get and set querys
    Added test case for path switching
    Fixed an issue where an object was returned only result and got stuffed in column1. It will now be flattend it to one row.
    committed May 16, 2010
Commits on May 15, 2010
  1. Updated readme

    committed May 15, 2010
  2. Added testcases for compatiblity

    Added a minified version of the YQLDataSet
    committed May 15, 2010
Commits on May 14, 2010
  1. Fully functioning version.

    Added support for XML based formats, might need to allow xpaths as path instead only object paths.
    Also added data parsing so we have support for nested JSON data sets
    committed May 14, 2010
Commits on May 13, 2010
  1. First working version of the DataSet. It wasn't working before as pen…

    …dingRequest needs to be set to null to give the region the heads up the data is done.
    Path selection works really fine, what is left to do is object flattening and probably setPath / getPath / setQuery / getQuery methods
    committed May 13, 2010
  2. Fixed typo which caused open tables to stop working.. evn > env.

    Added syncColumnTypes. They can be overwitten using the regular setColumnType options
    Fixed naming issues.. I named a method query and a propperty query.. Not gonna happen ;) Same counts for timeout.
    Fixed issue with callbacks. Tested onTimeout and onError observers. Seem to work correctly. Once timeout has been called. It will cancel the complete request and no data should be recieved once the script finishes executing.
    committed May 13, 2010
  3. First draft of the YQL DataSet. First mockup of the JSONP request and…

    … garbage collections. Timeout has been added to unresponsible YQL requests.
    This can be changed through the options object in the constructor.
    It defaults to the datatables env, but again, this can be replaced :)
    Spry.Data.YQLDataSet depends on SpryData.js to be loaded in advance so added a small alert statement for developer who does not honor this ;)
    committed May 13, 2010
Commits on May 12, 2010
  1. repo created

    committed May 12, 2010