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@@ -12,36 +12,73 @@ abilities.
var ConnectionPool = require('jackpot');
-// first argument: size of the connection pool
-// second argument: optional connection factory
+// First argument: size of the connection pool.
+// Second argument: optional connection factory.
+// Third argument: optional options.
var pool = new ConnectionPool(100);
+The following options can be configured:
+- `retries` the amount of retries the pull method should do.
+- `factor` exponential backoff factor.
+- `min` minimal delay for the backoff.
+- `max` maximum delay for the backoff.
+- `randomize` randomize the connection.
+var pool = new ConnectionPool(100, {
+ min: 100
+ max: 50000
+But you can also set the properties:
// you can optionally boost the amount of retries after you have
// constructed a new instance
pool.retries = 5 // allow 5 failures for the #pull method
+You can set the required factory at the contructor but also through a helper
// every connection pool requires a factory which is used to generate / setup
// the initial net.Connection
// it should return a new net.Connection instance..
pool.factory(function () {
return net.connect(port, host)
+There are 2 ways to retrieve a connection, using `allocate`:
// now that the pool is setup we can allocate a connection, the allocate
// requires a callback as it can be async..
pool.allocate(function (err, connection) {
// error: when we failed to get a connection
// connection: the allocated net.connection if there isn't an error
+And `pull`;
// in addition to the #allocate method, there is also the pull method, which is
// fault tolerant wrapper around the allocate function as it can give back an
// error if the pool is full, so the pull will then retry to get a new
connection.pull(function (err, connection) {
// same arguments as the #allocate method
+And some misc methods:
// call if you want to free connections from the pool, the arugment
// you supply is the amount of connections you want to keep; // keep only 10 healthy connections kill the rest.
@@ -55,7 +92,7 @@ file.
-Copyright (c) 2012 ( <>
+Copyright (c) 2013 ( <>
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of
this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in

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