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@@ -6,6 +6,53 @@ reliable memcached parser for Node.js. While a CONTRIBUTING file might
intimidating at first, I hope you will understand that I enforce this to maintain
the quality of this project.
+Thanks for being awesome.
+## Creating issues
+- [Test cases][1.1]
+- [+1][1.2]
+- [Respect][1.3]
+[1.1]: #test-cases
+[1.2]: #1
+[1.3]: #respect
+### Test cases
+When you found a bug in the project please provide us with a reproducible test
+case when possible. A test case allows us to narrow down the issue you are
+facing and eliminates all confusion that the project maintainers might have and
+prevents mis interpretation of the issue.
+### +1
+Please, don't +1 on an issue, if an issue affects you please state why you have
+this issue and why you would love to see it resolved. When a topic is spammed
+with `+1` messages it will be closed without any warning and ignored.
+### Respect
+Let's threat each other with the same respect that you would like to be threated
+with. While it's an open source project it does not imply that the you get
+support from the project managers because you use it. We are only human and we put
+all our love, passion and available time in open source projects so you don't
+have to and spend your time on building amazing applications and software.
+## Creating pull requests
+- [No tests, no pull request][2.1]
+- [All tests must pass][2.2]
+- [The lack of comments][2.3]
+- [Performance][2.4]
+- [Communicate][2.5]
+[2.1]: #pull-requests-without-tests-will-not-be-accepted-and-closed-immediately
+[2.2]: #all-tests-must-pass
+[2.3]: #the-lack-of-code-coments-for-edge-cases
+[2.4]: #performance
+[2.5]: #communicate
### Pull requests without tests will not be accepted and closed immediately
When you are making an change to the internals of this project it's expected
@@ -24,3 +71,18 @@ faulty and why your change needs to break it.
I love to have the code thoroughly documented, so it lower the barrier of
+### Performance
+Being fast and awesome are the major goals of this project, please benchmark
+your changes before submitting them. Create a micro benchmark for your change if
+needed, so we can re-test these performance benefits in the future as JavaScript
+and Node.js are continuously evolving technologies and performance tricks of the
+past might not longer apply any more.
+### Communicate
+Before starting on a big refactor or want to create a big feature for the
+project discuss this with the project managers to prevent wasted time and pull
+requests if your change gets deployed because it's out of the scope of the

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