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+# Contributing to memcached-stream
+First of all I would like to thank you for your interest in contributing the
+`memcached-stream` project. Together we can make this the fastest and most
+reliable memcached parser for Node.js. While a CONTRIBUTING file might
+intimidating at first, I hope you will understand that I enforce this to maintain
+the quality of this project.
+### Pull requests without tests will not be accepted and closed immediately
+When you are making an change to the internals of this project it's expected
+that your patch is accompanied with a test/suite that ensures that tests the
+change you have made so this will not happen again in the future. Rewrite and
+refactor are usually the cause that small bugs slip in, therefor it's important
+that these bugs are prevented by an extensive test suite.
+### All tests must pass
+We have tests for a reason, make sure that they keep passing after you made your
+changes. If this is not the case please thoroughly explain why the test is
+faulty and why your change needs to break it.
+### The lack of code comments for edge cases
+I love to have the code thoroughly documented, so it lower the barrier of

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