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  • Don't reply events from our pub/sub channel when we join it.
  • Emit ready after the data has been synced


  • Refactor Redis internals to use Leverage as reliable Pub/Sub channel


  • Ensure that all metrics emit an object with {req, res}


  • A new REST route /expire has been added to expire individual items instead of the whole cache.


  • By default we disallow fetches from origin servers that don't specify an extension. This behaviour can now be overrulled using the force extensions config.


  • Fixed a bug in the configuration loading where it would read out the incorrect folder.
  • Added some default extensions that are blacklisted, these are known backup or log files.
  • The server will now emit an event for every metric so you can start logging on why you get 404's etc.


  • The ms module is horribly broken, now shipping with working copy of it.


  • Send ping packets over the pub/sub channel to prevent it from going idle.
  • Output an error when you are serving static files from a unknown directory.


  • The client will automatically transform // in to https:// when you tag a .css file as relative protocols cause a double download of the file in Internet Explorer.
  • All stdout from versions is now prefixed with [versions]
  • Support for deflate instead of just gzip. This will only be used if the accept-encoding headers doesn't have gzip.


  • Added support for tagging origin servers using /id:<origin id>/
  • Fixed a bug where the assests where not receiving gzip compression
  • Added a 404 event.


  • Fixed a bug in the client API that caused the callback for the versions method to not be called when the redis backend was configured


  • Added support for a versions.js as configuration file
  • Made middleware layers optional
    • The rest middleware now requires the auth token
    • Serving local static files now requires the directory config
    • origin-pull now requires origin servers to be set.
  • Support for HTTPS and SPDY by supplying a ssl configuration
  • Metrics for gzip hits and misses
  • Improved gzip detection by searching for obfuscated headers
  • Disabled gzip for IE5/6 (without sp2)
  • Enabled gzip for font-files
  • Metrics now show the process.memory()


  • If no server is provided in the versions.connect() call, assume that want to run in development mode and don't want it prefixed with cdn servers.


  • Internals rewrite to support clients and distributed cloud configurations


  • Initial release