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Client for 3Scale web service


  • Parser xml with node-o3-fastxml

    This module is not available in the package manager npm, so you will need to go to GitHub project page and get the *. node to be placed in the path of node.


The module is delivered through the package manager npm, so that the installation should be:

npm install 3scale

Alternatively you can download the sources from the project page, and compile the script files * Coffee for the latest version of the module.

rake compile

To make the compilation of sources must be installed in the system Coffee Script:

npm install coffee-script

Once compiled these files must be placed in the node path


To run tests:

rake test

In the root of the project


var Client = require('3scale').Client;

client = new Client("your provider key");

client.authorize({app_id: "your application id", app_key: "your application key"}, function(response){

// Or for reports

var trans = [
              { "app_id": "your application id", "usage": {"hits": 1}},
              { "app_id": "your application id", "usage": {"hits": 1000}}
             ], function(response){
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