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3scale API Gateway
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APIcast is an API gateway built on top of NGINX. It is part of the Red Hat 3scale API Management Platform.

Getting started

master branch is not recommended for production use. For the latest release, go to the Releases page


You need to specify an ACCESS_TOKEN, that you can get from the 3scale admin portal, and also your ADMIN_PORTAL_DOMAIN. If you are using SaaS, it is

docker run --name apicast --rm -p 8080:8080 -e THREESCALE_PORTAL_ENDPOINT=https://ACCESS_TOKEN@ADMIN_PORTAL_DOMAIN

You can use a JSON configuration file instead:

docker run --name apicast --rm -p 8080:8080 -v $(pwd)/config.json:/opt/app/config.json:ro -e THREESCALE_CONFIG_FILE=/opt/app/config.json

In this example config.json is located in the same directory where the docker command is executed, and it is mounted as a volume at /opt/app/config.json. :ro indicates that the volume will be read-only.

The JSON file needs to follow the schema, see an example file with the fields that are used by APIcast.


You need to create a secret with your ACCESS_TOKEN and your ADMIN_PORTAL_DOMAIN:

oc create secret generic apicast-configuration-url-secret \
   --from-literal=password=https://ACCESS_TOKEN@ADMIN_PORTAL_DOMAIN \
oc new-app -f


  • Performance: it is fast because it's built on top of NGINX and uses LuaJIT.
  • Scalability: APIcast is stateless, so it scales horizontally.
  • Request transformation: allows to modify the headers, the path and the arguments of a request.
  • Rate-limit: can apply limits based on a header, JWT claims, the IP of the request and many more.
  • Modular and extensible: thanks to the APIcast policies framework.
  • Monitoring with Prometheus.
  • OpenTracing integration with Jaeger.
  • Can be deployed in Openshift.
  • Integrates with IDPs like Keycloak to provide authentication based on OIDC.


Using Docker you just need to run:

make development

That will create a Docker container and run bash inside it. The project's source code will be available in the container and sync'ed with your local apicast directory, so you can edit files in your preferred environment and still be able to run whatever you need inside the Docker container.

To install the dependencies inside the container run:

make dependencies

To run the unit tests inside the container:

make busted

To run the integration tests inside the container:

make prove

To learn about the other available make targets:

make help

APIcast uses:

  • OpenResty: a platform that includes NGINX, LuaJIT and Lua modules.
  • busted: for the unit tests.
  • Test::Nginx: for the integration tests.



Apache 2.0

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