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CiviCRM Recurring mail

Lets you configure CiviCRM mailings to be sent on a recurring schedule.


CiviCRM 4.7


  1. Download a release from to your extensions directory
  2. Browse to Administer > System Settings > Extensions
  3. Find Recurring mail and click Install

Getting started

Install the extension and compose your mail as normal. On the Review and Schedule screen, you will see a third option Send on a recurring schedule. Selecting this option will reveal a set of fields where you can defined the recurrence schedule.

recurring schedule form

Once you mailing is ready to send, click Schedule and instances of your recurring mailing will be scheduled to be sent out according to the schedule you defined.

recurring mailings

You can edit the master mailing and adjust the recurrence schedule as necessary. All instances of the recurring mailing will be updated automatically.

Note: out-of-the-box, CiviCRM calculates the recipients for a mailing based on the contacts that are in your include/exclude groups/mailings at the time that you hit the submit button. This means that any contacts that are added or removed to your groups in the time between when you hit the submit button and the date it is scheduled to go out will not receive your mailing. If you want your recipients to be recalculated before the mailing is sent you, you should install the recalculate recipients extension.


If you have any questions regarding this extension that are not answered in this README, please check post a question on or contact


This extension has been generously funded by eLife Sciences, a unique, non-profit collaboration between the funders and practitioners of research to improve the way important results are presented and shared.

It has been written by Michael McAndrew from Third Sector Design who you can contact for help, support and further development.


Contributions to this repository are very welcome. For small changes, feel free to submit a pull request. For larger changes, please create an issue first so we can talk about your ideas.


This extension is licensed under AGPL-3.0.


Lets you configure CiviCRM mailings to be sent on a recurring schedule.




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