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#Thunder Request

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Thunder Request is a Framework used to simplify making web requests.


Setting up your app to use Thunder Request is a simple and quick process. ThunderRequest is now built as a framework meaning it is compatible with iOS 10 and above.

  • Drag the project file into your project
  • Add ThunderRequest.framework to your Embedded Binaries.
  • Wherever you want to use ThunderRequest use @import ThunderRequest or import ThunderRequest if you're using swift.

#OAuth 2.0 Support OAuth 2.0 support is available via the protocol <TSCOAuth2Manager> which when set on TSCRequestController will have it's delegate methods called to refresh the user's token when it either expires or a 403 is received by the server.

When OAuth2Delegate is set on TSCRequestController any current OAuth2 credentials will be pulled from the user's keychain by the service identifier provided by -authIdentifier on the delegate.

To register an OAuth2 credential for the first time to the user's keychain, use the method -setSharedRequestCredential:andSaveToKeychain: after having set the delegate. This will store the credential to the keychain for later use by the request controller and also set the sharedRequestCredential property on the request controller.

If the request controller detects that the TSCOAuth2Credential object is expired, or receives a 403 on a request it will call the method -reAuthenticateCredential:withCompletion: to re-authenticate the user before then continuing to make the request (Or re-making) the request.

#Code level documentation Documentation is available for the entire library in AppleDoc format. This is available in the framework itself or in the Hosted Version

#License See LICENSE.md