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3VOT is like Heroku for Javascript Apps

3VOT is a profesional web publishing platform, for everybody to publish to the internet via 3VOT cloud.

  • For everybody 3VOT is the way to publish docs, images and pages to the internet.
  • Developers publish their Apps with automatic support for millions of users. ( Static, Browser, Single Page )
  • For organizations, 3VOT is a Full Production Line for (100% browser based) JS Apps

####3VOT goal is to help you write 100% Browser Apps, no servers.


###Upload your apps to the internet Upload anything from simple HTML Page to Javascript Apps in Angular, Backbone, Bootstrap, Yeoman, Grunt/Gulp.
Build your way and don't worry about servers, publish profesionally.

3VOT can also share a few tricks like multi-platform apps, embeddable apps and Web Components.

###3VOT Cloud HTML, CSS and JS are static. We do not need a Server. 3VOT is the Cloud for the Frontend, give your app superpowers with one simple command. High-availability, Infinite Scalability and World Delivery Network. Learn More about 3VOT Cloud - Comming Soon!

###Modular Build System There's a better way to write javascript, 3VOT empowers you to build better and more maintenable apps, writting less code and using any NPM Package. Learn more here about Modular Code

In 3VOT we imagine how things should be, then we bend reality and hack until reality becomes our vision.


npm install 3vot-cli -g


We have created a Wiki with explanations, examples and documentation, visit it to learn more.

3VOT Docs & Wiki

3VOT will make you 10x Faster and 100X Happier

About Browser Aps

Browser Apps are the cool apps that require no page refresh, exists only in the browser, no server, no click an wait. Also known as Single Page Apps (SPApps) and made famous by Facebook & Twitter.

Apps used to be build using the Client-Server model using servers like php, nodejs, .net and rails. Each action like a button required the loop to the server and the page needed to be refreshed to show the response.

Browser Apps also called Single Page Applications. Think Facebook, where the page does not refresh when you Like, Share or scroll to get more content.

Imagine your app behaving that way, it's possible. These Apps connect to a backend server or API via AJAX so each time something is saved or retrieved the page does not need to refresh, it happens instantly.

With 3VOT junior developers can build SPApps with their favorite frameworks, while advanced developers can write their own using modular code. It is 100% Open, does not impose anything and GOYW (gets out of your way)

Remember Single Page Apps are not the future, they are the present

Use & Support

All 3VOT Solutions are Open Source

3VOT is also being used commercially by several organizations like & Rodco S.A.

3VOT is an ISV Partner of where CLI is published as CLAY in App Exchange as an Enterprise Solution.

For both cases we provide profesional remote and on-site support, custom develpment and training at an agreed hourly rate contact us at




As a Mature Open Source Project we encourage collaboration with an Open Mind and Intelligent Communication skills. Both are required.

Feel free to submit issues or Pull Requests, we are a commited team working full time and will work any discrepancy out in a friendly way with commiters, don't worry, just submit it!

On the Shoulders of Giants

3VOT is built on top of lessons and/or code from the leading open source libraries and minds in the world. Special Recognition to Alex Maccaw for his vision and work on modular code with Spine and Hem Server Specially and to Substack's Unix Mentality and it's Browserify Open Source Library. The Amazing work by Visionmedia is all over the place in Express and SuperAgent. PLV8 powers ours backend thanks to mgutz concepts. Finally thanks to creationix for it's pair programming sessions.

Lessons learned while using Grunt and Yeoman definitely shaped 3VOT, but those projects are not used on the CLI.