Userscript to automatically go through your Steam Discovery queue
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Auto Steam Queue



  1. Install Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey (for Firefox or Chrome, respectively)
  2. Install userscript
  3. Hit the Steam explore page.
  4. Wait for the queues to run through by themselves and/or Explore your queue and watch it go to the next game for you.


Initially, I made a fairly simple user script that "clicked" through a discovery queue as soon as the game's store page loaded. Soon after, many different users made suggestions and PRs to the script and it became a more well-rounded script. (Honestly, I hadn't anticipated such a reception so it's taken me awhile to actually get a proper GitHub repo up instead of some slapdash system I was using.)

Special thanks to...

  • /u/curseknight
  • /u/xPaw
  • /u/m2pt5
  • /u/dmn002
  • /u/mszu
  • github/spookyUnknownUser
  • github/6apcyk
  • github/marvinlehmann


The original Winter Steam Sale thread can be found here.

A newer thread for the 2016 Summer Sale can be found here.