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401K Coin Core Integration Repository

401K Coin is an open source cryptocurrency focused on providing coin holders with 11 unique rewards programs. As a modified fork of PIVX, 401K has a keen focus on environmental sustainability and transaction privacy. By implementing Proof of Stake protocol only, 401K reduces its carbon footprint and by decreasing block rewards over time, hyperinflation is curbed. In addition, the total coin supply of 401K is low and fixed at 25,000,000.

Having 11 reward programs that are implemented at progressing milestones is deliberate, so that those who secure and speed the network through holding are rewarded over time. Since POW is not implemented, and the rewards reduce in amount over time, the life cycle of the coin is increased and hyperinflation is reduced. This is critical for future implementation in its real world applications.

Retirement Integration:

During the first quarter of 2019 we will be implenting “Retirement Integration”, which is where all current Masternode holders who have an active 401K or comparable reitrement plan, will be eligible to receive a 15% reward bonus. We are eagerly working with multiple parent companies and investment firms to initiate a smooth roll out plan. All eligible members will have to show proof of current retirement program to receive bonus. If 401K plans are not available in your country, we will be working to integrate the aptly named retirement plans associated with your country.

Fee Free Pool:

The 401K Coin project is the first in the cryptocurrency space to focus on a fee free staking/masternode pool for users. In the theme of residual income, for many years to come, the 401K Fee Free Pool will give users of any financial standing a place to deposit their coins, and collect dividends. There will be no minimum deposit, allowing everyone to participate. Users will simply need to deposit their 401K Coin into the pool, and allow the increased network weight of the pool to help all users earn greater, and faster dividends.

The 401K Fee Free exchange will be developed to allow for desktop as well as mobile login to the interface.

We are happy to announce the Fee Free Pool has begun development and is expected for release in Q4 of 2018. This will include masternode, and stake sharing alike

Join our growing Official Discord Server to speak directly with the team:

Coin Specs

Algorithm401K Protocol (Modified Version of Quark)
MiningProof of Stake
Block Time120 Seconds
Total Coin Supply25,000,000 401K
Premine1,500,000 401K
Masternode5,000 401K
Block Rewards75% Masternodes/ 25% POS Wallets
Maturity360 Minutes
Max Supply100+ Years

Block Rewards

BlocksBlock RewardsDays
100 - 25,0001 401K Coin28
25,001 - 30,00010 401K Coins7
30,001 - 35,00020 401K Coin7
35,001 - 40,00030 401K Coin7
40,001 - 50,00010 401K Coin14
50,001 - 60,00020 401K Coin14
60,001 - 70,00030 401K Coin14
70,001 - 80,00020 401K Coin14
80,001 - 900,00015 401K Coin14
90,001 - 100,00010 401K Coin14
100,001 - 1,100,0005 401K Coin1,388

Note: Rewards halve every 1,000,000 blocks per 1,388 days until max supply is reached (100+ years).


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