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Fuel me Once

A Unity game of triangulation, wonky driving and oil extraction that I made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 29 (theme: "Beneath the surface").

Drive a pickup truck about the desert! Strike Oil! Get Rich! Shop (awkwardly) for stuff!

An Xbox 360 controller will probably improve your experience with Fuel Me Once, but it's not required.

Downloads / Builds

  • Download a Windows build from here
  • Or play a version in your browser here (But note that Google Chrome blocks the Unity plugin on security grounds, so you'll need to use another browser to play).


  • Left Analogue Stick - Drive the truck with absolute controls (like a twin stick shooter).
  • WASD or Arrow keys - Drive the truck with relative controls (like the old GTAs)
  • Right Analogue Stick or Mouse - Position targeting reticule.
  • A Button or Q or LMB - Launch detector ball
  • B Button or Spacebar or RMB - Trigger scan pulse from all detectors.
  • X Button or E - Launch drill
  • Left Trigger - Brakes, or reverse if you're already stopped.
  • Back or R - Restart
  • Start or Esc - Quit

Tips / Mechanics

Detectors will emit a "ping" if their scan pulse passes over an oil deposit, and the pulse will leave a green ring behind indicating the range of the deposit from the detector. By combining the information from multiple detectors, you can pinpoint exactly where to target your drill.

A drill that is dropped correctly onto an oil deposit will start to produce oil! Carry oil in your spare inventory slots back to the shop to sell it for cash. The price of oil generally increases over time, and drops slightly every time you sell some of your stocks, so pick your moment to get the best price.

You start with 3 detectors, 1 drill and $50. Detectors can be bought in packs of 3 for $5, but another drill will set you back $100. If you miss with your first drill, you'll not be able to afford another, so make sure you're certain before picking your first drill site.

Make as much cash as you can before the time runs out!

Background / Caveats:

  • My First Unity Project.
  • My First Ludum Dare.
  • It should be immediately clear to everyone that I'm no artist.
  • Relatedly, inventory icons come from
  • Sounds courtesy of sfxr and I'm no sound engineer, either.
  • If you manage to flip your truck / get stuck, wait three seconds and you should find yourself unceremoniously righted and flung into the air. If that doesn't happen, or if that fails to unstick you, you'll have to resort to the reset button.


A Unity game of triangulation, wonky driving and oil extraction that I made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 29



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