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"origin" : ["#intro# that the #location# in #city# is #adjective# #when#."],
"intro" : [
"I am told",
"I have heard",
"My father believes",
"My mother says",
"My brother told me",
"My landlady says",
"My aunt heard",
"My uncle says",
"My grandfather is convinced",
"My grandmother says",
"An old friend told me",
"I heard somewhere",
"It is surely just a rumour",
"Only fools believe",
"The locals know",
"Tourists are unaware",
"This newspaper says",
"It was on the radio this morning",
"The word on the street is",
"A tramp just told me",
"A policeman advised me",
"A barman assured me"
"location" : [
"flower market",
"train station",
"bank of the river",
"central bank",
"Grand Hotel",
"ration office",
"best beer hall",
"railway bridge",
"bus depot",
"sewer system",
"passport office",
"employment office",
"French Quarter",
"Old Town",
"canal network",
"tram system",
"square in front of the palace",
"Guild Hall",
"memorial park",
"art gallery",
"public library",
"business district",
"steel foundry",
"newspaper booth by the statue of the President",
"old Imperial theatre",
"opera house"
"city" : [
"St. Petersburg",
"East Berlin",
"West Berlin",
"East Grestin",
"West Grestin"
"adjective" : [
"a cold place to be",
"the only warmth to be had",
"surprisingly profitable",
"swarming with tourists",
"filled with policemen",
"the best place to buy cigarettes",
"filled with the sound of jazz",
"filled with the smell of pipe smoke",
"the only place you can get blue jeans",
"open only to VIPs",
"blissfully quiet",
"not at its best",
"the last refuge of the poor",
"still there despite everything that happened",
"a quiet spot to read a newspaper",
"best avoided",
"dangerous for the unwary",
"overrun by panhandlers",
"riddled with pickpockets",
"where all the immigrants congregate",
"the best place to pick up a boyfriend",
"the best place to take your girlfriend",
"a hive of political activity",
"home to dozens of bats",
"buzzing with mosquitoes",
"when" : [
"in spring",
"in summer",
"in autumn",
"in winter",
"in January",
"in February",
"in March",
"in April",
"in May",
"in June",
"in July",
"in August",
"in September",
"in October",
"in November",
"in December",
"this year",
"this week",
"this month",
"since the war",
"in the morning",
"in the afternoon",
"in the evening",
"at night",
"at dusk",
"at dawn",
"after curfew",
"at Easter",
"on St. Basil's Day",
"on St. Bartholomew's Day",
"in the run-up to St. Agnes's Day",
"just before Christmas",
"in midwinter",
"in midsummer",
"- at least for the time being",
"while the reconstruction companies are working"