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  • one-liners, snippets & overall simple programs
  • I use them to speed up my workflow while working on games or animations


  • aligns an object with line anchor points
  • divide segments and align vs normalize / align
  • useful for making handrails with splines
  • watch preview "101max"



  • auto-assign random smoothing groups across all faces
  • assign smoothing groups different to neighbors
  • make an object or selected faces coarse
  • reset smoothing groups on all or only selected faces (• - switch)
  • use it instead of auto-smooth to create a coarse object where auto-smooth assigns same smoothing groups to faces sharing the same vertex which results in a crease after adding a turbosmooth
  • brute force method
  • watch preview "101max"


  • adjust wirecolor en masse i.e. color & grade object hierarchies automatically
  • universal, easy to use colorizer
  • watch preview


  • short for "crayon for zbrush"
  • max to zbrush pipeline plugin
  • divides all in-scene meshes according to multimaterial ids and exports newly created objects as separate files
  • this way you can quickly and efficiently load .objs into separate layers in zbrush to create subtool dependant color groups
  • let's say you need a color preview of a - very - high-poly model you're working on in 3ds Max
  • new plugin under development


  • short for "hair for zbrush"
  • create geometrical hair from hair & fur modifier
  • new max to zbrush pipeline plug under development
  • watch preview
  • info


  • tree randomization and distribution
  • manage trees en-masse in your scene
  • distribute trees along target object's vertices
  • distribute along path i.e. country lane, forest road
  • watch preview "101max"
  • interface


  • snap two arrays of objects to each other based on their proximity
  • parent arrayA to arrayB
  • watch preview "101max"


  • write target biped's mixer tracks into a text file along with animation ranges
  • the text file is located inside the scene folder
  • feed the character data along with the text file into the engine
  • ###-### clipName
  • watch preview


  • assign same random material across all group members
  • assign a different random material to each individual member of the same group
  • assign same random material to objects based on their distance from each other
  • define source materials by defining material editor slot ranges 1-2 to 1-24
  • i.e. use this script to apply a random material to hundreds of /groups of objects/
  • watch preview "101max"


  • adjust round corners scene-wide
  • iterate through multi/sub-object material list
  • use material ID channel value to grade material softness
  • i.e. multiply final round corners value by Material Channel ID: 0 - sharp, 1 - rough, 7 - soft, 15 - very soft
  • watch preview "101max"


  • compute distance between two anchors in an object (i.e. the object is not to scale)
  • define target distance / real measurements of the object
  • define the ratio between target and source objects
  • rescale the object locally or rescale entire scene
  • use imaginary units instead of scene units
  • watch preview "101max"



  • render diffuse and ambient occlusion (via material override) passes consecutively in mental ray
  • i.e. about to leave work and you need a preview render the next day without having to go through config - just hit time_out and leave
  • limited usability plugin
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