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Intro To Node presentation built on Impress.js & Express.js webserver, Heroku ready.

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Intro To Node

The Intro To Node slides were built with Impress.js.

The webserver was built for Node.js using the Express.js web server framework. Prerequisites include Node.js and NPM(Node Package Manager). After NPM is installed, run 'npm install' in this directory to install the dependencies specified in the package.json file. See here for an introduction to NPM. After dependencies are installed with NPM, you can run the webserver with 'sudo node app.js', or 'node app.js' if you specify an unrestricted port (port 3000 is usually safe).

This git repository is ready to be pushed to a Heroku dyno for free hosting! Set one up now.

If you've found this useful or have any questions, lemme know at @le_isms.

You're free to use any part of this project for anything.

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