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Ruby DSL based quiz maker for ClassX
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Ruby-based Quiz Generator and DSL

This is a simple app (soon to be packaged as a gem) that takes a set of questions (a "quiz") written in a DSL embedded in Ruby, and produces one of several possible output formats.

Creating Quiz Questions

  1. Clone this repo and run 'bundle install' in its root directory
  2. Create a file of questions following the example in example.rb

The total number of points possible is automatically determined by summing the points per question.

Creating a Printable Version of a Quiz

  1. Run the generator as follows (it's unwieldy now but it'll get better):

To generate an HTML version suitable for viewing in a browser: (./quiz with no arguments shows brief help)

./quiz questionfile.rb html5 --template=./html_template/template.html.erb > questionfile.html

If you also specify --solutions on command line, you can generate an HTML5 version that includes identification of the correct answer. (NOTE: the HTML5 tags clearly identify the correct answer--this format is meant for printing, not for online use, since a simple "view page source" would show the correct answers!)

You can replace the existing html.erb template with your own; take a look at it to see how it works.

Creating a Coursera-Compatible Version of a Quiz

To generate a version that can be ingested by Coursera's online quiz-taking machinery:

./quiz questionfile.rb xml > questionfile.xml

Please add to this documentation using the Wiki or by adding inline RDoc comments to the code!

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