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The lightweight and realistic game mode for Multi Theft Auto with features such as Civilians, Law and criminals, Gang wars and much more
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Grand Theft Walrus - RPG

The most advanced open source RPG/Real life game mode for Multi Theft Auto. Grand Theft Walrus RPG (or GTW-RPG) was initially created to fill the empty space between more traditional RPG servers, where most players are just running around like headless chickens, and hardcore role play servers where players are enforced to act strictly like they would in real life.

How does it work?

GTW-RPG is basically a directory of individual resources with various purposes, some of them has dependencies while others works individually. All resources are highly optimized in order to provide a lag free experience, even on servers with poor performance.

Live demo

Our live server (powered by 99Stack) is online 24x7 and runs the latest version of GTW-RPG. Check status and IP on our website:

Donate to the project

Donations helps keep the development active, donations can be sent to our Crypto addresses:

BTC: 1LegCyv77MCfvdSZuAnXRaH98PErL88ZUh
DASH XijoqavdCHXc8eCiVoPDbofeuaUbskY1ag
ETH: 0x1C343e689546A8c86088a927CeC532B50835E640


  • Mr_Moose
  • TheWalrus
  • The_Penguin
  • Anubhav652
  • nokizorque
  • Sasu98
  • srcanseco
  • Luca-spopo

Useful links

Our website
Community this for support)
Hosting reccomends 99Stack hosting)
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