Adds links to strings that look like Ethereum addresses to your favourite blockchain explorer. Adds protection against private key phishing. Offers custom site bookmarks.
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Automatically adds links to strings that look like Ethereum addresses so you can quickly look them up on your favourite block explorer.

Prevents you from interacting with known phishing domains by wiping the DOM and displaying text notifying you.

The blacklists found in this repo serve both the EAL Chrome Extension & MetaMask Chrome Extension. We use a Levenshtein distance algoritm to detect similar URLs, so if you encounter an errounously-blocked website, please add it to the whitelist.

Announcement Post:

Ether/ERC20 donation address: 0x661b5dc032bedb210f225df4b1aa2bdd669b38bc

Install Chrome Extension Here:

Install Firefox Extension Here:


Chrome & Firefox Extension

The master branch is bundled on every release and pushed to the Chrome & Firefox Extension store, you can view/download it here: for Chrome, and for Firefox.

(Note that this will have automatic updates)

Manual Installation


  • Clone/download the repo.
  • Go to chrome://extensions in Chrome
  • Turn on developer mode.
  • Load the manifest.json file by dragging and dropping.


  • Clone/download the repo.
  • Go to about:debugging in Firefox
  • Click "Load Temporary Add-on"
  • Browse to the downloaded repo, and double click manifest.json

(Note that this will not have automatic updates)

Found a Phishing URL? Is your website getting erroneously blocked? You have the power to fix it, not just talk about it!

As a community resource, everyone is encouraged to make a PR to add or update these lists. This process is far easier than you might imagine!

  1. If you do not already have a Github account, sign up. (it's free and easy!)
  2. Navigate to the file you would like to make the adjustment to by clicking it's name.
    • If a site is erroneously blacklisted you will likely want to add it to the whitelist. It probably isn't on the blacklist and got caught due to Levenstein distance algoritm.
    • If you see a scam website being passed around that isn't blockced, please add it to the blackliast.
  3. Click the pencil icon in upper right.
  4. Type "", on line #2 (right below the first [)
  5. Type "", on line #3
  6. Scroll to the bottom. under "Commit changes" enter a reason you are making this change.
    • Example: "Adding to blacklist. See [link to tweet / reddit post / screenshot]."
    • You can also provide more details in the box below. Please provide as much detail / evidence as reasonable so reviewers can verify quickly.
  7. Click the green "Propose File change" button.
  8. This next page is a review of what you did. Proofread and stuff.
  9. Click the "Create Pull Request" button.....twice.
  10. That's it. You successfully made a new pull request and helped make the world a better place! Tell all your friends.

Blacklisted Domains

The blacklist can only be updated by myself (@409H) and MyEtherWallet (@tayvano). This is a to prevent anyone from modifying the blacklist (ie: removing something). To request a change to the blacklist, please open an issue or open a pull request with the changes. Make sure you give some details on why the changes are needed.

Whitelisted Domains

The whitelist can only be updated by myself (@409H) and MyCrypto (@tayvano). The whitelist will prevent any false-positives from happening with the Levenshtein algo (special thanks to @sogoiii). If you find a domain that is wrongly blacklisted, then please open an issue or open a pull request with the changes.

Special Thanks

  • Thanks to the team at MyCrypto for helping keep the domain blacklist up-to-date!
  • Thanks to the team at Cryptominded for the store graphics!
  • Thanks to MrLuit for providing and the report domain functionality (v1.5)
  • Thanks to Samyoul for continued support and development!
  • To everyone who reports bad domains to us through the various channels!
  • Thanks to danielkmakcom from ChronoLogicETH for doing the label functionality (v1.17)!
  • Thanks to CryptoInfl for providing a whitelist of Twitter handles (v1.18)!


Read the changelog on my blog.