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@409H 409H released this Jun 9, 2018 · 1757 commits to master since this release

EAL now has the ability to add labels to addresses!

By going to the "Labels" tab, you can create a label, add a color to the label, and choose which address to associate it with. The labels will be displayed on the address hover box -

You could plan to color code the labels to have, for example;

  • Green labels as your exchange deposit addresses
  • Yellow labels as your friends addresses, and
  • Blue addresses for community donation addresses!


Thanks to for the label feature!

Along with this release, EAL now has the option to inject a signature into the page - which can be toggled off. In coming days we will be releasing a small webpage that will generate a .js file that webmasters can use to prompt users to install EAL if the signature is not injected. This will come in handy for those running domains that are targetted by phishers and have phishing domains blacklisted on the EAL blacklists (including 3rd party lists - iosiro or segasec)


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