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Matchers library

Here you will find all matchers, supported by CL-HAMCREST, grouped by their purpose.

Object matchers

This kind of matchers checks some sort of properties on an object. In this case objects are not only the CLOS objects but also, hashmaps, alists and property lists.

.. cl:package:: hamcrest/matchers

.. cl:macro:: has-plist-entries

.. cl:macro:: hasnt-plist-keys

.. cl:macro:: has-alist-entries

.. cl:macro:: has-hash-entries

.. cl:macro:: has-properties

.. cl:macro:: has-slots

.. cl:function:: has-type

Sequence matchers

.. cl:function:: has-length

.. cl:macro:: contains

.. cl:macro:: contains-in-any-order

Boolean matchers

.. cl:function:: any

.. cl:function:: has-all

Utility functions

.. cl:function:: matcher-description