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Hacker's CRM – Emacs in the world of CRMs.

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HACRM - Hacker's CRM



This is a prototype and most probably it will not work for you. But you can try.

How to test desktop app

Build it

brew install roswell node
ros install fukamachi/qlot
npm install electron-packager -g

It should end with something like that:

compressed 0 bytes into 8 at level -1
compressed 32768 bytes into 441 at level -1
compressed 78675968 bytes into 15544505 at level -1
compressed 1736704 bytes into 458235 at level -1
compressed 26902528 bytes into 8123577 at level -1
 <INFO> [10:50:32] ros.script.ceramic ceramic.ros (main run) - COMMAND: "electron-packager /Users/art/projects/lisp/hacrm/js-app/ --overwrite --platform darwin --electron-version 1.2.7 --executable-name app --icon icon.icns hacrm"
Packaging app for platform darwin x64 using electron v1.2.7
Wrote new app to /Users/art/projects/lisp/hacrm/hacrm-darwin-x64
[============================================>] 100.0% of 42.74 MB (5.89 MB/s)
 <INFO> [10:50:45] ros.script.ceramic ceramic.ros (main run) - COMMAND: "mv hacrm-darwin-x64/ hacrm-darwin-x64/"
 <INFO> [10:50:45] ros.script.ceramic ceramic.ros (main run) - COMMAND: "cp app hacrm-darwin-x64/"
 <INFO> [10:50:45] ros.script.ceramic ceramic.ros (main run) - COMMAND: "cp -r js-app/node_modules/ws hacrm-darwin-x64/"

Then run it

hacrm-darwin-x64/ --debug


HaCRM uses "hooks" to enable plugins to add a code to be executed on particular events.

TODO: Add an example how hook should be called and how new handler should be added to a callback's list.


Called when new feed item was created. This could be a new note, or an email, or tweet, etc.


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