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A system to add an authentication to the Weblocks based site.
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Weblocks-auth is a system for adding authentication for your Weblocks application. It allows users to login using multiple ways. Right now GitHub is only supported but the list will be extended.

This system uses a mito as a storage to store data about users and their data from service providers. Each user has a unique nickname and an optional email. Also, one or more identity providers can be bound to each user account.


  • Add support for authentication by a link sent to the email.
  • Add ability to bind multiple service providers to a single user.

Building Documentation

Provide instruction how to build or use your library.

How to build documentation

To build documentation, you need a Sphinx. It is documentaion building tool written in Python.

To install it, you need a virtualenv. Read this instructions how to install it.

Also, you'll need a cl-launch. It is used by documentation tool to run a script which extracts documentation strings from lisp systems.

Run these commands to build documentation:

virtualenv --python python2.7 env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r docs/requirements.txt
invoke build_docs

These commands will create a virtual environment and install some python libraries there. Command invoke build_docs will build documentation and upload it to the GitHub, by replacing the content of the gh-pages branch.

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